What's happening?

Pendulum are back!

I did not expect to be saying that a few months ago, but yes it’s true, Pendulum are back with a brand new 2-track EP called ‘Nothing For Free’ – and it’s everything we missed about Pendulum.

You know it’s going to be a good day when you start it off by listening to a new Penudulum EP. Especially when it’s been 10 (yes 10) years since their last fresh content. Boy is it good to have Pendulum back, both tracks on this new EP bring back pure nostalgia but still seem so fresh compared to most other dnb releases this year. Our full review is coming soon.

Sub Focus and Wilkinson announce new album coming 9th October

Today Sub Focus announced on his Instagram that his collaborative album ‘Portals’ with Wilkinson is due to be released in the next few weeks on the 9th October.

Wilkinson and Sub Focus have been collaborating a lot recently and have already released some pretty decent tunes like ‘Illuminate’, ‘Just Hold On’ and the most recent ‘Air I Breathe’. I’m expecting the album to offer a similar style of collaboration to these past few tunes where both artists appear more focused on pushing this mainstream dnb sound that we’re becoming more and more familiar with.

Will this be the case of the product is greater than the sum of the parts or will the album fail to live up to each artists’ previous albums? I’m optimistic this collaboration will bring us some great tunes to round out 2020 with.

Sub Focus’ Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFKHEc7hrWH

Redeyes' Self Portraits Movie is here!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so hyped for a release in the drum and bass world as I have been for Redeyes’ latest album ‘Self Portraits’ which is being released next Friday.

In fact the last time may have been last year for Redeyes’ Broken Soul album which beautifully blended hip-hop and drum and bass. The North Quarter published a fairly low-key post on Instagram recently mentioning they were dropping a movie for Redeyes’ highly anticapted ‘Self Portraits’ album.

Well, the movie is now available and it’s an absolutely phenomenal exposure to the new album and really reflects why I continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with this genre and especially with The North Quarter as a label. Check it out here, you won’t be disappointed.