Artificial Intelligence - Signs EP

Metalheadz, 2020

1. Outer Origins
2. Good Things
3. No Choice featuring Satl
4. Interpedity
5. Signs Signs

You know when a new Artificial Intelligence EP drops that it’s going to be good. And you know a release on Metalheadz is always going to be quality. New AI EP on Metalheadz? Yes, please.

It’s been 3 years since AI released their last Metalheadz EP ‘Reprisal’ where the standout tune was ‘Intimacy’. This new EP contains 5 fantastic tunes each covering a range of styles demonstrating just how solid AI are at producing across a range of vibes.

The opening track ‘Outer Origins’ is exactly what you’d expect from a Metalheadz release. A weighty tune with a roaring bassline that kicks off the EP in style. This tune actually really reminds of a Macca’s huge tune ‘Rise N Grind’ from last year which has that same kind of punchy bassline that leads the tune.

Next up we have a silky smooth track called ‘Good Things’. This is a delightful little tune that just rolls with synths and vocals dancing in and out lazily. This is probably the track of the EP that is most like AI’s latest set of releases and feels like it belongs with the rest of their ‘The Series’ collection which they released over the past year or so. This tune exemplifies the classic AI vibe we’re used to them putting out over the past few years.

‘No Choice’ featuring Satl is the stand out tune from the EP for me. I could listen to this track all day. You can really tell the influence Satl had on this tune with the rolling bassline and sublime vocals that make this a really special tune. It’s quite a surprise to see this kind of tune on a Metalheadz release but I’m not complaining. Satl’s been on my radar for about 4 or 5 years now since his earliest releases and it’s great to see him picking up all the support he’s been getting in the past year or so. This track reminds me a lot of his ‘Midnight Moon’ track from a few years back.

The penultimate tune on this EP is the dark ‘Intrepidity’ which I can imagine would absolutely go off in a club. Classic Metalheadz feel to this and a nice surprise to see AI going in on this dark tip for a change. Love this one.

The final track ‘Signs Signs’ brings us back to the classic AI style we’re so familiar with now. Like ‘Good Things’, this track really reminds me of their ‘The Series’ collection of EPs from the past few years. The piano that moves in and out of focus throughout is particularly lovely.

It’s been a while since the last Artificial Intelligence EP but it was well worth the wait. Each track on here is excellent and again proves why AI are on the top of their game at the moment. I’ll be rinsing this one for a while.

Tune of the EP: No Choice.