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Latest Mix

Episode #6

I started making this mix about 3 months ago and wanted to create something more energetic than my previous mixes. It took a long time to work out some of the mixes and blends but I'm thrilled with the result. Stand out blends from this mix are Logistics' track 'Jungle Music' with RoyGreene and Protone's track 'Drau' as well SiLi's enormous 'Tsundoku' and Frankee's banger 'Snarl'. This one is a lot of fun, enjoy.

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Latest News

Pendulum are back!

I did not expect to be saying that a few months ago, but yes it’s true, Pendulum are back with a brand new 2-track EP called ‘Nothing For Free’ – and it’s everything we missed about Pendulum.


Latest Review

Artificial Intelligence - Signs EP

You know when a new Artificial Intelligence EP drops that it’s going to be good. And you know a release on Metalheadz is always going to be quality. New AI EP on Metalheadz? Yes, please.

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